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 Do you have a garage or work shed that is like a sauna during the summer months?  Check our RV Roof Ventilators, designed to suck the hot air out, they can also be used on your house as well.


Effective ventilation is essential: so why choose The R.V. Roof Ventilator?

  • It is the strongest and most versatile roof vent on the market
  • It has no moving parts, so there are no squeaks
  • It’s maintenance free and has no electrical requirements (saving you money)
  • It has a Structural Engineer Certificate with a wind rating of up to 215km/h
  • It’s locally designed and manufactured

Best of all, The R.V. Roof Ventilator is custom made to suit all roof types.

Other special features of this innovative new system include:

  • Special rain deflectors ensure effective waterproofing
  • It comes with vermin-proof wire
  • It blends in with your roof, enhancing the appeal of your home, adding value and style
  • It will keep your home cooler in summer
  • Skylights and In line fans are also available with The R.V. Roof Ventilator

Is your driveway or patio covered in mould, does it get slippery in the wet season? Does your pool area need a spruce up for summer?  Now is the time to get the boys in to give it a high pressure clean, before the rain sets in.